Policy-Based Routing

Goal : Make sure R2 forward traffic from to use s3/2 as outgoing interface, other traffic use fa1/0 interface.

Scenario :

- All router is reachable by EIGRP

- R2 has a normal routing table for destination is via, because Fastethernet link is has a better bandwidth than serial link.

- Create access-list permit traffic from host to

- Create route-map & set outgoing interface 

- Apply PBR to incoming interface


-Verify & make sure, only traffic from to should go to serial link.

 Configuration : (All configuration is done in R2)


1. Create access list

access-list 100 permit ip host host


2. Create route-map

route-map MYPBR permit 10

 match ip address 100

 set interface Serial3/2


3. Apply PBR to incoming interface

interface Serial3/1

 ip address

 ip policy route-map MYPBR

Verify :

- show ip policy in R2

show ip policy

- show route-map in R2

show route-map

- show ip route in R2

show ip route

- traceroute in R1


- debug ip policy in R2

debug ip policy

As we can see first traceroute is use normal forwarding & second match by ip policy. So R2 will forward traffic from to via s3/2 next-hop192.168.24.4